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1602 A.D. Multiplayer over Internet Router
Read the following instructions carefully if you have difficulties to connect for 1602 A.D. multiplayer over a router.
  1. All players must have the same 1602 version. The German basic version plus the NINA addon (Neue Inseln Neue Abenteuer) and the NINA extension (NINA-Erweiterung) is equivalent to the Königsedition (KE). The KE is incompatible with the German basic version. German versions are said to be incompatible with international versions.

  2. One player selects to host the game and to create a group; this is called the server. The other players join the server's group and are called the clients. Normally the player with the fastest Internet connection should become the server.

  3. The server will need the following IP addresses for the next steps:
    • Your own internal IP address, i.e. the address of your computer in your private LAN. You can obtain your internal IP address with the program ipconfig, executed in a DOS window. In older Windows versions you can use winipcfg.
    • The external IP address of the server hosting the game. The server can obtain his/her external IP address from e.g. Note that the address may change when you reconnect to the internet, e.g. after a reboot.

    You may also use Sir Henry's Anno 1503 Launcher to display both your internal and external IP addresses.

  4. The server has to forward the router ports 47624/TCP and 2300 - 2400/TCP+UDP to the internal IP address of the host. This point is often overlooked! Unfortunately, the routers are all different, so that a general description cannot be given. You have to consult your manual or else post screenshots of your router dialog windows if you cannot figure out how to do this. In case your router requests you to define a trigger port, select 47624 as the trigger port. It is no problem if you cannot select TCP or UDP, just specify the two port numbers in this case. Look here for an example with a Router.

  5. All players have to open the ports 47624 and 2300 in their firewall (if any). Behind a router, a firewall is not really necessary, so you could also switch it off for the duration of the game.

  6. The server player must communicate the external IP address to the clients prior to starting the game, e.g. via Messenger or ICQ.

  7. All parties must select TCP/IP connection for DirectPlay in the 1602 connection dialog.

  8. The clients must enter the external IP address of the server into the connection dialog.

The server can watch the clients as they connect. When finally the connection dialog box disappears, all connections have been established. Any further problems are related to different issues, e.g. game versions, DirectX versions, bad connections, missing/inconsistent savegames, and such.

Point 4 obviously only applies to players with a router, but note that point 5 applies to all players, even to those without a router!

As an alternative or if all attempts fail, you may consider playing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is a virtual LAN established over a public network. All players have to install the VPN software, which can be obtained for free from Read page 2 of this German thread for more information.
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